April 19, 2014
Flower Market Specials Ballarat

April 13, 2012
Market report Friday 13th April

Market Report Friday 13th April 2012

Its been a while since a market update so we apologise about this.  As always the shop is packed with a huge range of fresh cut flowers.  

Some of our best selections this week are Roses.  We have beautiful locally grown highland hill roses in 40 cm with some great colours.  Our 70cm Grandiflora premiums are great quality at the moment and we have some beautiful lavender laces in as well.  The lavender lace are a new variety whcih are a cluster of flowers on a stem with a ligth perfume.  A little old worldish.  Very popular and never last long.

Other great buys include some burgundy cymbid stems with nine blooms per stem.

Locally grownChrysanthanums have start coming in with some yellow disbuds in store as well.

Good numbers of  Orientals and asiatics are also coming through as well as a huge range of our normal favourites.

We will try and update you a bit sooner next time!!!!!!

the Stems market team 

December 17, 2011
Market Report Christmas 2011

Market Report Christmas 2011

Christmas is with us again.  Like every year we have raced to Deceber in what seems even quicker time this year. 

At the farm we have been absolutley flat out.  Green trick or "christmas" trick as where calling it has been flowing in fast and furious.  Our carnations have been producing well and the quality is excellent.  Check out our facebook page and you will see the pics of the journey of the sunflower.  The sunnys have started to flower this week with some amazing colours coming through.  Check out the facebook page if you get a chance.

Of course the shop is abnormally full of great quality and range of fresh cut flowers and arrangments for all needs.  This year we are providing two different types of Christmas lilies.  Firstly from Santospirito we have there field grown ones.  This year has been a great one for outdoor production.  The gods have smiled on them and rained nearly on que.  The result is tall chunky bunches with only slight outdoor markings.

Our Premiums are again grown by Feingold who simply seem to get better and better at growing the unbeatable White heaven christmas lily.  Don't be confused by thinking a christmas lily is just a christmas lily.  The stuff sold at the fruit shops/supermarkets has nothing on the quality, vase life and presentaion of the white heaven christmas lily.

Other unbeatable christmas lines include green trick, Gladdies, Lissianthus, a huge range of  berries, holly and roses all set to help you make christmas and the christmas giving a little easier and more special.

So drop in or give us a call and let us make your christmas a little more special.

Regards The Market team.


October 20, 2011
Market Report Thursday 20th October 2011

Market Report Thursday 20th October

White peonies in at Stems Florist, Ballarat

As we race into the Spring Racing Carnival this week the market was full of exciting new lines. We are very proud to have bought home the first load of Peony roses in pink and white. These stunning flowers have a six to eight week flowering season making them a very popular flower. We will have a couple of very happy brides at Stems this weekend with their arrival. We thank our local grower for giving us the first exclusive bunches!!! Very exciting.

Garden roses started today in small numbers. Known for their larger heads, high scent and perfume they are a great addition to the already large range of Roses in stock. We have spray roses, 70cm premium, 50cm deluxe, Ice breaker, Adrenalin and the very popular Hyland Hill Roses. There's sure to be something for everyone.

We've worked hard at having lots of stock for functions and events as we work towards a busy time ahead. We have a good range of Gladys including white ones. Gymea leaves, 1.2 metre tall red Waratahs, Delphiniums in white, blue and purple and some amazing white Freesias from the Dutch flower auction.

So now is definitely the time to treat yourself and drop in or give us a call for some beautiful fresh cut flowers.

From the Stems Market Team 

September 24, 2011
Market specials September 24th 2011

Market Specials Saturday 24th September 2011

It's a true spring paradise this week at Stems. We have a full range of seasonal favourites such as Rannucs, Poppies, Fresias, Hyacinths and Daffs. An arm full of these bunches makes it feel like your in the flower markets of France.  

The Warratah season is starting to hot up and there has been some nice stock coming thru. We got a handle full of 2mtr tall shady lady reds in this week. Yes 2mts tall. Their height is an exception and is a result of the good summer rains we received in late 10 and early 11. We are working the phone hard to the grower to see if we can get some more this week. So if you see them don't miss out, they are sensational.

On the native front we have a large range available. Plenty of wax flower, protea pink ice, kings, thryptomene from Ron at the Grampiens flower farm and lots of leucs.

The spring conditions have made Roses a better option. Cold house grown roses from Hyland Hill roses started this week. The vase lufe of roses from these guys can't be beaten and are great value for money. 

At the shop we have had an extra busy week with Pam and Tyuen preparing for the Floral Gift at the Royal Melbourne Show as part of the Flowers Victoria exhibition. They have created some stylistic masterpieces in a ceramic container supplied by Apack and are competing against other florists from around Victoria. Good luck girls where hoping a Melbourne show sash is coming our way. 

The Stems Market Team

September 11, 2011
Market Specials September 10th 2011

Market Specials 10th September 2011

We have sprung into spring with some big specials this week at Stems. †

From our flower farm we have one of our favourites Alstroemeria at only $5 per bunch. We have Calgary and Whistler which are our white varieties, Emotion is our pink and we have some Burgundy available as well. Alstro is a cut flower and lasts well.

Waratahs have started and with the wet and warm autumn that we had in late 2011 stems are longer and the flowers are slightly larger than normal years. Usually the first flowers are†red with a white outside blush this year we have gone straight to the shady lady variety which is the best full red bloom. We have them on special this week at only $5 per stem they are usually $7.50 each. Later this week (Wed/Thurs) we will be stocking Australia's first "Apricot" waratahs. These special waratahs come after the first pink ones last year. We are very proud to be Ballarat/Western victorias premier destinations for Waratahs. †

Lastly but not least we have Iris' at a crazy special of $5 per bunch this week. The team at Podgers in Camperdown, our Iris growers, have said let's reward our loyal Iris buyers and have helped us roll out a crazy special for premium 80cm Iris' which normally sell for $9.99 per bunch.

So be quick and give us a call or drop in and get some of these or one of the many other great deals we have on offer.

The Stems Market Team†

July 28, 2011
Market Report Thursday 28th July

Market Report Thursday 28th July

Today's market provided a super selection of flowers.

  • Coccinea Banksia. Tall 80cm stems have just started out of Western Australia. They will continue from there for the next month or so until our local supply from Hazel in Stawell commences. Hazel picks her coccineas in the morning and brings them straight to Stems that day. How fresh is that?  
  • Blushing Bride. The best I have ever seen. 60cm tall, crisp clean white with a pink blush flowers and chunky in bunch size. Thanks Jas and the team at Wafex for supplying such a high quality product.
  • Sea holly (Eryngium). Purple thistles. We have some stunning extra large Eringium stems. They have a nearly neon purple glow to it. These some from the Alsmeer flower auction in Holland.

As we are in the heart of winter let's not forget the winter beauties Iris, Tulips, Daphne, Violets, Fresias and Hyacinths true winter treats.

Anyhow give us a call or drop into store and let us help you with your next floral purchase.

Bye for now,

The Stems Market Team 

June 30, 2011
Market Report Thursday 29th June

Market Report Thursday 29th June

It's been a while between market updates but there has been plenty happening and the team at Stems have been working extra hard to source and provide the best quality flowers available. With the extra cold we have been having flower numbers have been on the limited side resulting in slightly higher prices on some lines such as roses.

On the home front at the farm we have been busy picking our stocks. Some of you may have already been updated on our progress via our eNews. If you haven't please sign up now so we can keep you up to date. These glass house stocks are excellent quality come in white, apricot, lemon, mauve and cherry blossom and should last 10-14 days in the vase. Great value in store at $9.99 or 2 for $15.

We also have excellent quality elricheers from Paul at Rosslyn farms at two for $10. These pearl coloured double flowers have a beautiful fragrance. Paul also has supplied us with daffodils and jonquils.

Winter is also a time for iris which Deon Podger from Camperdown supplies us. He is picking some great Telstar Iris at the moment which we have on special at two for $15. A great gift for any occasion.

The store as always is packed with lots of other great buys so please give us a call or drop in and let us help you pick some great flowers.


The Stems Market Team 

May 20, 2011
Market Report Friday 20th May

Market Report Friday 20th May 2011

Post Mother's Day we have been hit with a very cold snap of weather. Last Tuesday the temepreture in Ballarat made it to a measly 5.7 deg with a much cooler wind-chill factor. These wintery conditions have continued until now which has resulted in a drastic reduction in quantity and variety of fresh LOCALLY grown flowers. When these situations occur there is always those wholesalers looking to fill the gaps with imported product. This week in the market we have seen imported gyp, delphinium, larkspur, roses, orchids, lissianthus, freesias, hyacinth, liatris and peony roses. The quality of these products has been generally very good and has helped us provide a large range of choice for our customers.

On the locally grown front, our friends' at Torquay, the Santospirito's, have some magnificent Triumphator lilies on the go. It's great to see you, our customers, embracing these more over time as you realise how good these lilies are. They have a 45 degree shaped flower head with a pink and white bicolour bloom and as they are grown outside they have an excellent vase life.

Potted cymbidiums have finally arrived. The first pots come in 1 stems, 2 stem right through to 7 stem pots. Simply divine.

Give us a call or drop in and say g'day today.

Until next time take care, 

The Stems Market Team

April 29, 2011
Market Report

Market Report Friday 29 April

It is beginning to feel a lot like Mother's Day. Easter is now behind us, and we are all systems go on the old Mother's Day favourites, such as the chrysanthemum and carnations. We have been very busy at the farm over the past 12 weeks, getting the chrysanthemum to the perfect point. We are delighted this year in the quality and once again the colour range is magnificent. Last year was the first year that we grew the disbud chrysanthemum and this year we have perfected them...come into store and ask for the 'white wonder' – vase trials suggest this could last for well over 2 weeks and they really are simply stunning. These have proven very popular with our interstate customers with a large shipment heading for Brisbane tomorrow morning to blow them away.

The recent burst of lovely weather has also helped with our carnation production which tends to drop off considerably at this time of year. Carnations are also very popular for Mother's Day, with their long vase life and beautiful colour range making them a standout.

From the market this week, we were lucky enough to purchase some out of season peonies. Pink in colour, with beautifully formed heads, they make quite a display...These have come in from Holland, along with some beautiful freesias, which are simply stunning, and also some very 'chunky' bunches óf pink hyacinth - the aromas are brilliant.

Asiatic lilies are again back into the market with greater supply, as are the oriental lilies - some new varieties can also be found in store with soft apricot/pink tone which open beautifully. It's actually a surprisingly good time of year for most other varieties...supply is ok and the quality is great because the cooler conditions lend themselves to a slower forming, higher quality bloom.

If at all possible, you should make your way into store today to judge the best bridal posie most suited to Kate's royal wedding. Most staff have submitted their creations and all customers are invited to cast their vote to win prizes such as movie tickets, champagne and a $50 voucher. On a personal level it is very dissappointing as my creation is not polling well, however, is quite obviously the best...such is life.

Richard is extremely busy this week, planning for the forthcoming week of madness, with large orders being placed with our lovely suppliers...they read this, so it pays to be nice to them to ensure supply.

Orders are being taken now, with our shopping cart recently updated to display some of our more popular lines. To maybe miss the rush on Sunday we encourage you to arrange for your pick-ups on Friday or Saturday, or even an early delivery to Mum on the Friday or Saturday could make an unexpected surprise.

Anyway, that is all this week. We very much look forward to seeing you over the next 10 days.

Thanks again,

The Market Team 

March 13, 2011
Market Report Sunday 13th March

Market Report Sunday 13th March

It's Ballarat's Begonia Festival weekend at the moment. Ballarat is full with the antique fair and the events at the lake filling the city with visitors.

Begonias from one of Ballarats begonia founders, Evan Hines, is what we stock at stems. Evan is in his senior years and we are now very lucky to be his sole stockist of his magnificent begonias. The flowers on the begonias will continue to flower for the next eight weeks and are an excellent choice in gifting. 

Other great seasonal buys at the moment are our home grown lisianthus that are still in full production, tulips are starting to pop up as good buying as the days cool a little.  

The team at stems are starting to put their creative hats on for the flower and garden show at the exhibiton buildings at the end of this month. Stems will be supporting our farm, Ballarat Carnations, who are displaying their products in the growers' avenue part of the show. Flowers Victoria is warding a $2000 prize to the best display in the avenue of thirty Victorian growers. 

Until next time happy flower buying.

From the Stems Market Team

February 24, 2011
Market update February 24th Thursday

Market Report Thursday 24th Feb

Valentine's Day is now firmly behind us. At our Ballarat florist shop we had a fantastic day and we hope that we provided lots of people with some memorable gifts of affection. Over 350 deliveries were completed with the first at 6.30am and the last at 8pm that night.  

Now ten days later life at Stems Flower Market is very much back to normal. At today's market we picked up some potted Gerbera plants. These are grown by Van Wyke nurseries for cut flowers for some twelve months and then sold off still in flower so they can replant new ones. These pots are 10", are in flower and will continue to flower for the next two months or all year if they can be kept in a protected position out of the cold night dew and frosts.  

Our home grown Lisianthus is now in full production. Although not as tall as last year's crop this year's bunches are of exceptional quality and because we pick them today and bring them straight into Stems to sell, you won't find fresher any where in the world! An easy seven days vase life and up to fourteen days if the right care and conditions apply. We are selling them for $8 per bunch or 2 for $15. This is cheaper than on the floor of the Melbourne wholesale market.

Mother's Day is in the air at the farm with us planting stocks for this big day.

The shop as always is packed with freshness and quality so please give us a call and treat yourself today.

The Stems Market Team.

February 1, 2011
Market Report Tuesday 1st Feb

Market Report Tuesday 1st Feb

With Valentine's Day only 14 days away our focus and attention has quickly turned to the day of love. A day where we get to share and exchange feeling with the special people in our life. The rose of choice at stems flower market is Grandifloras Adrenalin rose. As its name suggests it is full of Adrenalin a deep red colour with long vase life typifies the symbol of true love. Adrenalin is a thornless rose and is clearly a leader in rose varieties. It is Australian grown and Australian bred. Don't be fooled by the roses in supermarkets and fruit shops that are predominantly or all imported from Kenya. As I have said before the importation of roses from Africa is strong because of the labour rate that Kenyans are paid. The average worker in a Kenyan rose farm receives $2 Aus per day of work compared to $168 paid to a worker in an Australian rose farm. So yes, a clear example of Coles and Woolworths and other local fruit shops spruiking about how "local" and "Australian" produced there produce is, but not in roses at Valentine's Day. There are plenty of Australian grown roses around but these guys simply won't pay the money for them. 

Anyhow, enough of my rhetoric! Back to the flowers. On Valentine's Day we will be open from 7a.m to 9p.m doing deliveries directly to your valentine at any time during this period. Order online from our specially designed and updated range of valentines products and receive free delivery. This is for orders placed online only.

In store today despite the hot conditions we have a full range of choice cut flowers to choose from. Our specially designed walk-in cool room is keeping all our stock fresh at a pleasant 13 deg. Stock form our farm carnations, Lissianthus, Alstromeria including the new "extreme" variety, green trick, emile, statice, Gyp and agapanthus are all in production and filling the shop.

So please drop in or give us a call and brighten up your home or someone's day with the freshest blooms around.

The Stems Market Team. 

January 13, 2011
Market Report Thursday 13th January 2011

Market Report Thursday 13th January 2011

With christmas now behind us we have made it to 2011 and are experiencing some very challenging weather.  As all of you are as well.  How does it affect the flower market?  Well we will start with Steve at Lockyer cut flowers in Granthum Queensland who supplies us with our statice.  He has lost literally everything. We haven't spoken to him yet but we know he and his family are safe and we are all thinking of them.  We are hoping to start an appeal fund instore next week to provide him and his family with some direct monetary support.  On a lesser note at home on the farm 120mm rain in the last three days has made a considerable mess of the farm.  Roads are washed out and drains are full.  It is likely that the high levels of relative humidty will cause some fungus issues with all Victorian crops in the coming weeks especially Roses which is not good with Valentines day just around the corner.

In todays market things are still quiet with a lot of people still away.  There was not a huge volume of product but quality was good.  In store we have our largest ever and most exceptional display of Philanopsis orchids.  We only stock the premium and double spiked orchids which are the best.  They are only $50 each and the flowers last up to three months.  They require very little watering but do enjoy a fine mist of water spray every couple of days over the stem and flower.  Bathrooms are a great home for these gems.

We also have some large 60cm stems of Glorisa lily for only $6 each.  One stem is all that is needed to make a real vibrant and bright statment.

The walkin coolroom is also brimming with all of our traditional favourites so please drop in and grab a bunch and brighten up your home after the Chrissy decorations have been pulled down.

The Stems Market Team

December 10, 2010
Market Report Friday 10th December

Market Report Friday 10th December 2010

Where do I start.......

Christmas is here! Only 15 days until Santa hits town. On the flower front the humid warm victorian weather has produced excellent growing conditions for undercover cut flowers.  The market was full of a wide range of products. 

Christmas Lilies

Our Christmas lilies come from two growers.  Our premiums from Feingold flowers in Keysborough who are producing for the first year out of their state of the art new hothouses.  They grow the  "White heaven" variety.  These bulbs are sourced directly from holland and are the best vareity of Christmas lilies available.  They have a superior flower shape, head size and last longer than other more common varaties of christmas lillies.  The common varaties which you find for sale in supermarkets and fruit shops are the white fox.   These are simply no where near as good.  Stems is the only Ballarat stockist of Feingolds "white Heaven" christmas lilies.  So don't be dissapointed and spoil the finishing touches to your perfect christmas.  Make sure you get the best from stems.

 Our short christmas lilies are being grown by Santospirito flowers at Torquay.  Anthony is happy with the finishing product.  They have just started to pick their crops which are grown outdoors.  The very frequent rain has resulted in some leaf discolouration but the flowers themselves are fine.

Final lily pricing is not exactly known at this stage as we will have to wait until early next week to see how production levels are coming in.

We have just received word from Jason at Wafex that he has manged to source some premium green cymbidium orchids out of Holland for us at tomorrows market.  Local production ceased about eight weeks ago so cymbids have been very scarce since then.  A single stem would make an excellent thankyou present for an end of year teacher present or would be equally suited to adding the final christmas decoration for home.

Roses, carnations, green trick, Victoria gladdies and Lissianthus are all in premium quality and supply at the moment.

We also have in store an excellent range of potted gifts including lovely gift potted philanopsis orchids. For a gift for someone that has everything or your just totally confused about what to get them maybe a Stems gift voucher is what they would like.  Gift vouchers are valid for twelve months and can be made to any dollar value.


If you would like to order your christmas cut flowers online we are having a free delivery day on Wednesday 22nd of December between 9a.m and 7 p.m.

We will put the shopping cart page up in the next day or two and you will be able to select from our christmas range of cut flowers.  They can be delivered to you any time for our usual courier fee or if you choose to get them on Wednesday 22nd (which we think is the perfect time for christmas day) we will deliver them to your day for FREE. Yes Free and if your not home we will leave them in water at your front door.  We can only do this for orders placed online not via phone or instore because we will be sending the vans out directly form the farm in Daylesford road.  We hope that this will make the joblist for Christmas a little easier.


November 7, 2010
Market Report Friday 5th November

Market Report Friday 5th November


This weeks market has been all about Peonies.  They usually start flowering around the 28th October and are getting into full swing this week.  However due to the very cold weather we have been having in the middle to late October flowering has been delayed until now.  This resulted in some very dissapointed brides and frantic florists on Thursday who were all chasing white Peonies.  Fortunatley we hadn't booked any brides instore for white Peonies but some of our florists that we supply had.  To rectify the situatuion we were frantically picking the very last of our Rannuncs which are the closest substitute to white Peonies. 

We did however get some beautiful coral peonies from New Zealand which sold in 2 hours from getting off our new truck!  We also picked up some beautiful Sarah Bernahart pink Peonies.  These are the most common cut Peonies and are pale pink in colour.  Lastly for the peonies we have some magnificent burgundy tree peonie flowers which are a rich deep burgundy colour.

Roses are every where now so no problems for the brides here and they are of excellent quality.  One of our favourites is the long stem super large headed red garden roses- amazing.  The heads are seriously 4" across in size.  They have deep green large leaves so son't need anything else in the vase, they are perfect on their own.

Lissinathus have started to flower now and will continue until June next year.  At our farm we are jsut starting to plant now so our own production won't come until store until Febuary.  Quality of supply at this time of the year can be tricky because the flowers are from regrowth plants that have grown over winter and sometimes flowers are affected by fungus issues and aren't always that great.  However our friend from camperdown Deon Podger of Podgers has managed to produce some very very nice bunches of which we got some this week and are hoping to get more until christmas.

Anyhow as always we have packed the shop full of an excellent range of premium fresh cut flowers for you to choose from.

So give us a call or get in and check it out for yourself.

The stems market team.